Why LN?

Finding the right loan for your needs starts with finding the right lender or funder; which unfortunately, can be a very frustrating experience when you have to deal with:

a) irrelevant materials in your search results;
b) the same lenders being listed on every search result page;
c) matchmaking websites that collect your information; require that you sign up with them first; and that you fill out their lengthy online form in order for them to match you with just a few lenders.

We are solving that problem by giving borrowers exactly what they are want: direct access to over a thousand lenders and funders nationwide; without the gimmicks, the tricks, and nonsense found on other websites and platforms.

LoanNEXUS is the most comprehensive search platform and directory in the alternative small business lending and fintech space where:

a) smart borrowers can search for/and connect DIRECTLY with hundreds of lenders, funders nationwide in seconds, 24/7; as a result, saving borrowers precious time, and equipping them with the power of choice.

b) lenders and funders can effectively promote their products and services to borrowers who are actually looking for funding in ways not found on other platforms and websites.


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